Members of the Oregon Chapter

The Oregon Chapter is an affiliated chapter of RVing Women, Inc. We provide support, information, and networking for RVing Women through a variety of events held at monthly RV rallies in the spring, summer, and fall months in Oregon.  In addition to the By-Laws of RVW (available to members on their website), we have our own Bylaws and Rules.

Many of our members are retired and love to travel.  Some are newly widowed, facing the challenge of RVing alone for the first time.  Some are still married, but travel without their husbands who are unable to travel or who do not care about RVing.  Some live and travel together.  Others prefer solo travel and still others prefer to caravan in groups.

Members range in age from 27-93 with the majority in the 55-75 age group. Many are professionals and about 75 percent are retired or semi-retired.

Men, Dogs, and Children

Let's start with dogs.  Naturally, dogs, cats, and other pets are welcome at the rallies.  Our only rule is, because of other women's allergies and possible disruption problems, that your pets don't come to meals and seminars or group activities.  Also, every pet owner is responsible for following the campground's pet rules to clean up after their pets and not allow excessive barking.

Men are another matter.  They don't bark and we aren't allergic to them.  But one of the reasons for this organization is to have the opportunity to develop our skills and friendships in that special atmosphere that is created when only women are present.  In an all-woman environment, the dynamics are entirely different than they would be if even one man is there.  RVW is the one place we can explore our interests in an atmosphere where the usual social games are not necessary and where there are no hidden agendas.  In order to make this work, we make no exceptions to the "can I bring my husband" issue.  The answer is "leave him at home or in a motel and come and join us for a few wonderful days."  He gets to do his thing with the "boys."  Now you can do your thing with the "girls."

The same philosophy reaches to the kids.  Most of us have kids and grandkids.  This is our chance to "do our thing" without them and the distractions they cause.  There are many good organizations that encourage you to include your children.  We feel it is important to provide a place where you won't have to deal with family distractions.  Naturally, a 75 year old member may bring her 55 year old daughter.  

Some of our dogs