Visit local attractions or events                                  
Team scavenger hunt                                                      
Bocce ball/ shuffleboard contests                                  
Line/ square dancing lessons                                           
Bean bag baseball                                                        
Communal Chili dinner                                                       
Empty-the-fridge breakfast                                                
Theme weekend (hobo, holidays, etc.)                          
Poker/ Bingo/ Board/ card games                                
Watermelon seed spitting contest                                  
Golf tournament, putting contest                                   
Guess how many beans in a jar                                      
Ice cream social                                                                
Baby pictures (Bring earliest picture of you
 and guess who they are.)                                               
Easter egg coloring                                                           
50/50 raffle
No host hors d'oeuveres
Arrangements for dinner at local restaurant
Organize a skit
Nature walk
Beach clean up
Speakers and educational classes

GUEST SPEAKER   (Member) Topics
Tire safety and pressure
Bicycle care and safety
Cooking on the road
Using GPS
Avoiding identity theft
Cooking on the road
Becoming a donor
Monitoring systems
Internet access-web site
RV systems
RV insurances
First Aid/ CPR
Boon docking essentials
General RV Maintenance
Towing and brake systems
Pre-trip RV service
Holding tank care
RV Tips and tricks
Traveling with pets

You can keep a rally simple or you can cook your heart out for breakfasts.  A continental breakfast with bagels, English muffins or toast plus fixings and some fresh fruit is fine. Hard boiled eggs will also go.  If you want to cook breakfast, that's also OK but keep in mind the overall number of participants.  Folks tend to NOT drink a lot of juice.  One or two containers is probably sufficient.  Some people like yogurt but less is better.  A pint of half and half is enough as we always have powdered creamer available.  Cereal and milk generally doesn't go - people bring their own.   Sometimes someone will get muffins.  These will go but it's better to under buy than over buy.  We can always get someone to go to the store again if you need more.

The club will pay for coffee, sweeteners and powdered creamer.  This does not come out of your rally funds.  You will be reimbursed a maximum of $125 with receipts.  It's possible to feed everyone, even if there are 45 or more, for this amount if you keep it simple.  

The host provides some sort of breakfast with coffee on Saturday and Sunday.  If there are a lot of leftovers you're trying to get rid of, you can also have items out on Monday but you don't need to make coffee.  Generally, the next host will take supplies home and bring them to the next rally.  If they are not present, someone who is going to the next rally will take them.