How Rallies Work

Rally days are Friday afternoon through Monday morning.  We reserve parks from Thursday through Monday morning as many ladies do like to arrive early and this allows them to get the same rate as the weekend.  You are not required to arrive on Thursday or stay through Monday - up to you.

Our rallies officially begin on Friday evening with a "finger food" potluck.  (Not everything will be finger food). There are usually announcements about the weekend's activities, a discussion of any unusual items in the agenda and introductions are made of all the members present.  There might be some sort of activity to get better acquainted or share what has been going on if it's been a while since we have been together. 

Then there is a break for dog walking and after that members can assemble for games, singing or just visiting.  There is also usually a jigsaw puzzle under construction someplace in the clubhouse.

You are asked to wear nametags at all events in the RV park.  If you don't have a permanent nametag, we have some you can write your name on and use for the weekend. 

Saturday morning the hosts usually provide some sort of breakfast with coffee and tea available.  Sometimes this might just be bagels and cream cheese, other times it might be egg casseroles with all the fixins. Or, you can bring your own breakfast to the clubhouse.

Lunch is usually on your own and dinner is a traditional potluck.  Once again there may be games or singing or some other activity after dog walking.  One of our favorite card games is Square 9 (or 9 Square depending on who you talk to). We often play for quarters, but not always.  For $3.00 you can have a fun evening and maybe even come out a winner!  We also have Rummykub, Phase 10 and other board and card games depending on who is at any given rally.

Sunday is usually the same as Saturday for breakfast and lunch.  Most of the time, we go out to a local restaurant on Sunday evening but this is totally optional.  Occasionally we may switch dinner out to Saturday and the potluck on Sunday if we know a lot of people have to leave early or if there is some holiday which will affect restaurant availability.

At other times during the weekend there may be some scheduled activities.  For example, we had a glass etching class one year and the year before the hosts led the group in creating fall decorations.  

If there are local activities going on, those will be announced at meals and signups available for rides if you don't have your own transportation.  Sometimes there will be a special activity planned that requires advance sign up and fees.  One fall a group of members got to ride on a stern wheeler on the Willamette river - a fun time for all.

Monday morning is bring your own breakfast and gather one last time in the clubhouse to say farewell until our next rally.

For more information check out "Rally Reviews" by clicking the link on the left.