Site Committee

Our 2022 Site Committee is chaired by Tamra Swerdlik.  Members include Mo Swerdlik, June Willoughby,  Michelle Pelkey and Barb Pace.   If anyone else would like to volunteer to help, please contact Tamra.

The Site Committee is responsible for finding RV parks for our monthly rallies.  They work one year ahead of our current rally schedule so this committee will be working to secure parks for the 2023 season.  

Any member may suggest a park to the Site Committee and in fact, you are encouraged to do so as it is impossible for the committee to travel to all of the parks in the state.  If you camp at a park you believe would make a good location for a rally, by all means suggest it to the Site Committee.

A worksheet has been developed to help members assess whether a park would be a good candidate for a rally.  You can download a copy of this worksheet here.  Please look it over and fill out as much as you can for any park you believe we should consider.  

Obtain a park brochure and send that along with the completed information sheet to the Site Committee Chair.