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Welcome to Oregon RVing Women

Membership is limited to women 18 years or older who are members of RVing Women and who are interested in the RV lifestyle.

An Original Oregon RV*

Chapter contact:
Oregon RVing Women

Chapter President, Patricia Rozee
Chapter Vice President,  Michelle Pelkey
 Chapter Secretary, Jeanette Haller
Chapter Treasurer, June Willoughby
Membership Chair, Sandra Brown

photo used by permission of Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0.
At this time, due to COVID-19, all of our rallies for 2020 have been cancelled through August.  A decision will be made about September and October later.

If you have a reservation for Casey's in Westfir, you need to call them 
(541) 782-1906 by 6/10 to transfer your deposit to next year (Aug 12-16) or cancel where you will lose your deposit.  Failure to cancel will mean you will be charged for the first night as a no-show.